How to Write Down your Dreams

A dream is just like any other memory - if you write about it when itīs fresh in your mind, youīll be able to go back to it later in the day or even months later and think about what it meant. If, on the other hand, you donīt write it down, itīs likely to fade and be gone before youīre even fully awake.

While any pad of paper and pen can of course serve the purpose, often having a special place for your dreams can help keep them important in your mind, and therefore easier to remember. This great journal has unlined paper - key for late night scribbling.

Whatever you choose to write on, make sure you build a routine. Keep it in the same spot right by the bed, so you can reach it from bed without having to get up. Have good sized pages - not post-it-notes - for you to write on in semi-dark situations. You want to be able to record your dreams with as little effort as possible, so that the memory is not disturbed.

The pen can also make a big difference in your dream recording abilities. In my early days of dream recording I used whatever random pen or pencil came to hand. I found that it was nearly impossible to see the pencil marks in the dark, and my scribbles were completely illegible in the morning. At other times, I wrote in depth about an important dream only to find in the morning that the pen had run out of ink.

It doesnīt have to be a hugely expensive pen. It should be comfortable, so you can scribble furiously while the dream is fresh in your mind. It should be reliable, so it doesnīt stop writing halfway through (which believe me, in your fuzzy minded state you might not notice). And it should write in solid, dark ink. You donīt have to exactly see the WORDS you are writing, but you have to know enough that it is indeed writing what you are scribbling, and that you are not writing on top of your previous words.

If you set up your dream writing station properly, itīll help the project seem important, which will key your mind to remember the dreams better. The more that you write, the more that youīll be used to writing, and the easier dreams will be to remember!

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