Stephen King's Misery Inspired by Dream

Stephen King is a firm believer in the power of dreams. Several of his stories have been inspired by dreams. Misery is one of these.

Stephen was already a popular author at the time, and knew that many readers had become quite attached to his writings. In an interview, Stephen explains how this thought became part of his dream - and then used in his story.

"Like the ideas for some of my other novels, that came to me in a dream. In fact, it happened when I was on Concord, flying over here, to Brown's [a hotel in England]. I fell asleep on the plane and dreamt about a woman who held a writer prisoner and killed him, skinned him, fed the remains to her pig and bound his novel in human skin. His skin, the writer's skin. I said to myself, 'I have to write this story.' Of course, the plot changed quite a bit in the telling. But I wrote the first forty or fifty pages right on the landing here, between the ground floor and the first floor of the hotel."

Perhaps it's no surprise that a master of horror stories gets his inspirations from nightmares!

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