How to Have a Lucid Dream
Step 1 - Understand / Remember Normal Dreams

Lucid dreams are dreams where you know you are dreaming, and can alter how the dream progresses. How can you have a lucid dream?

The first step is to learn what your normal dreams are like, to understand their rhythm. Get a pad of paper to serve as your dream log, and write down what you remember each morning, no matter how scanty. YouŽll find that the more you write down each day, the better youŽll remember your dream the next day.

You probably are having lucid dreams every once in a while - but if you never remember your dreams, you never realize it. You must train yourself to remember your dreams. I have a TON of information on this site about how to record dreams and how to have a clearer memory of your dreams. So get a good quality sleep each night. Have a dream journal right by the side of your bed, with a good pen. Write whatever you can remember - even little snippets - every single time you wake up.

The more you train your brain to remember your dreams, the better your chances are to then start having lucid dreams.

Guide to Lucid DreamingGuide to Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is not a fantastical, mystical state. It is a real, normal occurrence in dreaming, and with practice, you could lucid dream every night if you wished to. This is a great way to have inventive dreams, to practice skills, and to have some fun!
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