How to Have a Lucid Dream
Step 2 - Learn to Dream Test

Once you are getting good at remembering your dreams, it's time to start watching for lucid dreams to happen spontaneously. You very rarely dream about something "normal". Most of your dreams are about something a bit abnormal. So we are going to built a habit into you - to watch for strange / abnormal things. If you do it 10 times a day, it is likely that you'll do it out of habit in your dreams too. And when you see something not normal in your dream, then you realize right then that you ARE dreaming!
Your dream is not a perfect world. It's just an imaginary world. So it's never quite "right". One thing that happens is that items change frequently in dreams. So let's say you always wear a watch. Each time you look at your watch, look at it two times in a row. See if the time is the same. In your real world, the time will of course be the same (at least I hope so!!) :). In the dream world, though, it's VERY likely that the time will be wildly different each time. That will be a clear clue that you are dreaming.

Another thing is that written words change. If you see a sign in a dream, and then go back to read it again, chances are that it'll say something different. So when you see signs, always look at them twice. Again, you're building up a habit. Once you get used to doing this all the time, then it's likely you'll do it in your dream.

Simple "reality checks" also do well. Every once in a while, look around you and say "Is this real?" Look at the things and really think about how you got to where you are. In dreams, you often are just "on" a desert island, or talking to people who are dead. If you think to yourself, "how did I get here?" it should make you realize quickly when you are in a dream.

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Lucid Dreaming is not a fantastical, mystical state. It is a real, normal occurrence in dreaming, and with practice, you could lucid dream every night if you wished to. This is a great way to have inventive dreams, to practice skills, and to have some fun!
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