How to Have a Lucid Dream
Step 3 - Other Lucid Dream Activators

While you work on building up your lucid dream testing habits, you can also use other techniques to help you get into a lucid dream.
One common way to induce a lucid dream is to interrupt your sleep. Studies have shown that if you wake up an hour earlier than usual, then go back to sleep, that you´re very likely to have a lucid dream in that last hour of sleep.

There are also devices that can help you dream lucidly. Most of us have had dreams that involved real life sounds - alarm clock noises, radios, or people saying things. Our ears can still hear while we are asleep, and sometimes pass those signals along to our dream world. In the same way, devices can cause a light or sound to go off at certain times. When you hear that sound, or see that light, you realize you´re in a dream and can then be lucid in the dream.

While these other techniques are not necessary, one might help you learn to lucidly dream more quickly than usual.

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Lucid Dreaming is not a fantastical, mystical state. It is a real, normal occurrence in dreaming, and with practice, you could lucid dream every night if you wished to. This is a great way to have inventive dreams, to practice skills, and to have some fun!
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