How to Have a Lucid Dream
Step 4 - Managing your Lucid Dream

So after a week or two, you have your first lucid dream! You get so excited by this that you ... promptly forget and go back to 'being in the dream'. Don't worry about that! It is VERY hard at first to maintain that lucid state. Remember, you've been dreaming all of your life. This is your habit. You accept the dream as being real, even when the sky is pink and the ground is purple. So it is going to take some re-training of your brain to remember it is a dream.

Each time you manage to become lucid in a dream, you will find that you can stay lucid for just a little longer. Recite a mantra to yourself = "This is a dream! This is a dream!" and chant it. At first, don't try changing anything. Just try maintaining that lucidity for as long as you can. See if you can last 30 seconds - or a minute. The longer you can stay lucid, the more that your mind will get used to this.

Once you are able to hold onto that lucidity for a little while, practice small changes. One of the first things I like to try is the "bounce step". Try to take big, bouncing steps, bouncing higher and higher each time. That's usually an easy thing to do, and will help reinforce that you are in a dream.

Another thing to try is the "around the corner" trick. Walk towards something and think to yourself, "When I look around the corner I'm going to find a pink elephant". Visualize the item clearly and then turn the corner. Most likely you will find the thing you were looking for!

This all takes practice, and if you aren't remembering your dreams, then you could be super-lucid and never know it when you woke up. So it is critical you have the dream recording skills down very well, to make sure you remember your progress!

Guide to Lucid DreamingGuide to Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is not a fantastical, mystical state. It is a real, normal occurrence in dreaming, and with practice, you could lucid dream every night if you wished to. This is a great way to have inventive dreams, to practice skills, and to have some fun!
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