Love Corner and Feng Shui

When you enter your home, or any room, the feng shui love corner of that room is the back right corner of the area. That is, if you stand in the entryway, and look into the room, on the far back right side is where the love resides. What is in that area of your home?

First off, think of colors in this area. The traditional colors of love and romance are pink and red. You don't need to paint the whole area that color! You can simply put some pink or red items into the love corner.

Focus on pairs here. Whatever you put into the love corner, it's good to put them in twos. Maybe two origami pink flowers? Perhaps two red candles?

Love birds are traditional imagery here - doves, swans, and those sorts of things. Of course, if you absolutely adore tigers, then by all means put a pair of tigers into your love corner!

The key is not to stuff the area with billions of separate items. Go for clear, visual images that will spark your imagination.

If you have a lot of work-related items in your love corner, what is that saying? That work is far more important than love? Find a way to balance the elements there. You can't always move everything - sometimes a router has to be in a certain corner because of the wiring. But work around it, to add in the love elements as well.

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