Wisdom Corner and Feng Shui

We can all use more wisdom and self-awareness in our worlds. In feng shui, this area is handled by the near left corner of a room or home. So when you walk in, look immediately to your left. That's what you want to work on.

The standard color for this area is blue. Of course, it depends on what YOU think the color of wisdom is. If you hate blue and it reminds you of a bully in school who had the IQ of a snail, you probably don't want to go with blue here. Think of what color signifies wisdom to you. It is you, after all, who will be absorbing this energy.

This can be a great place to put an image of a wise person you want to be guided by. Whoever she or he is, fictional or real, imagine that they are guiding you and offering suggestions to the challenges you face.

You would want this area to be clear, organized, and full of knowledge. Books are great to have in this area. This is your storehouse of knowledge and wisdom.

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