Guest Room Feng Shui

Most rooms in your house are there for your enjoyment - but the guest room has a different purpose. Here are feng shui tips for helping your guest room be as welcoming as possible for a visitor.

So a key here is that the room should not feel, to your visitor, as if they are invading your private sanctuary. Keep your personal touches, like family pictures, out of this room. Don't put your expensive, breakable porcelain in here either! Your guest will be paranoid about hurting it. Stick with quiet landscapes and soothing colors. Your guest wants to relax and sleep in here.

Make sure your furniture is sturdy and comfortable. Again, this isn't the place for your delicate glass figure collection. Have an atmosphere where they feel safe and secure.

Normal bedroom style of feng shui applies here. Don't put the bed immediately up against the window. It's good if the person can lay in bed and easily see the door. Keep the room uncluttered and easy to walk around in.

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