Desk Feng Shui

For many of us, our desk is the key focus of our world for eight hours or more a day, for five days in a row. For those who work at home, it can be far longer than that. Here are feng shui tips to optimize your desk layout.

Sit down at your desk, and look at the far right corner of it. This is your love corner. What is currently sitting in there? Sharp scizzors? That's probably not very romantic :). This is where you'd want a small vase of flowers or maybe a photo of your loved ones.

Now look at the far left corner. This is your wealth area. This could be the perfect place for your prosperity vision board. How about pinning your first dollar you ever earned there, to encourage you to get more? Whatever you want to focus on, put it in this area.

Straight ahead of you, put items which remind you of how far you've come, and to encourage you to keep dreaming. Show certificates of your achievements and photos of your triumphs.

Along your left, if possible, put a bookcase full of your reference material. That way it's within easy reach and reinforces that you are secure in your goals. You have everything you need right there.

A key with your desk is to keep it uncluttered. Use storage systems to keep paper piles from growing out of control. The cleaner your desk is, the more likely you are to feel envigorated to go after new projects and to be creative with existing ones.

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