Wind Chimes and Feng Shui

I adore wind chimes. I have always had a variety of wind chimes around my house. Wind chimes are a great way to add peace and tranquility to your world, and to bring elements of feng shui into different parts of your life.

Wind chimes come in a variety of styles. I love wood wind chimes, but there are also metal ones, glass ones, ceramic ones, and other options. Your first decision here should be to go with a sound you adore. After all, if the sound grates on you and drives you insane, then it's going to be harming you, not helping. But if you have a variety of wind chimes and like them all equally, you can then think about putting the wind chimes in the area of your yard or patio which best matches the feng shui instructions.

Glass or ceramic wind chimes should go in the northeast or southwest (relationships) corners.

Wood wind chimes normally go between the east (health) and south (recognition) areas.

Metal wind chimes would go in the north (career) to west (creativity) areas.

Chimes work best when they are a pleasant sidelight to the area without interfering with the area's main tasks. You would not want chimes right over your head while you ate, for example. That becomes a "sword of Damocles" to trouble you. You would not want chimes to interfere with where you walk .

I absolutely recommend trying out several wind chimes and see which appeals to you. Sometimes one wind chime can sound tinny and another can sound grating. But when you hit that one, perfect wind chime which calls to your heart, it can be quite meditative to sit and listen to it chime out in the afternoon breeze.

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