New House Blessing Feng Shui

If you're moving into a new house or apartment you want to start your journey off with the right feng shui. The New House Blessing is perfect for these situations. It can also be used if something negative has happened in your home. Here are the tips to giving yourself a wonderful fresh start.

You need:

* uncooked rice / flower seeds / bird seed
* glass bowl
* new bottle of high proof liquor (vodka etc)
* paprika / saffron

Pour the rice or seeds into the bowl to about 3/4 full. Sprinkle the paprika or saffron over the top. Now pour in 9 teaspoons of the liquor.

You will want to think up a cleansing statement or mantra to make, about how you want to freshen the atmosphere of this location. Say that statement nine times while you stir the rice 108 times. Stir with your middle finger.

Go to stand before your front door. Take a handful of the rice / seeds and toss it into the air while you make your chant. Do this three times. Now begin to walk around your property, tossing the rice / seeds in the air as you go. Imagine fresh, healthy chi coming into your world, while any lingering negative energy drains away.

Eventually come back around to your front door, and finish up with three more tosses.

If you're in an apartment building, you can do this around the apartment building as a whole - you don't have to wander through the hallways of your floor doing this.

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