Yin House / Deceased Feng Shui

Yin House Feng Shui is all about the proper ways to send off a deceased person, so they have a peaceful afterlife and so that the living also treasure their memories. So while yang house feng shui is about where you live while you're alive, ying house feng shui is about creating a home for the deceased.

Traditionally, a burial spot should be near mountains, and also somewhere with life. That is, the place should seem to have plant life and animal life nearby.

If the person is cremated, it is best to scatter their ashes into the water, or over their favorite place, vs holding them inside your home.

Yin House can apply to pets as well as to humans. If your pet has passed away, give thought to where you want to bury them. Are there hills around? Are there critters nearby, and fresh flowers?

In traditional Chinese feng shui there were numerous rules about exactly what orientation to bury a person at, and the exact date and time to bury them based on the person's personal astrology. This was all in a time where burials could be done anywhere and at any time. In modern times we do not have that kind of fluidity. If we went into a cemetery and told the people there we wanted to bury our loved one at a 45 degree angle to everyone else they probably would send us right out again :).

So we need to do our best here. Don't obsess too much about that level of detail. The key is to go with what feels best to you, and what will make you comfortable long term.

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