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I have had long hair for most of my life and have tried a plethora of options for keeping my hair clean and healthy looking. Most of the solutions available either dried out my hair, ate away at it slowly or gave me tingling allergic reactions. It's funny sometimes that you don't even realize you're allergic to something until you cut it out completely. You think you just are "normally" red faced or stuffy or whatever!

I decided that I really should try making my own shampoo, to have my head and face subjected to as few chemicals as possible. After all, chemicals cause a lot of damage and I didn't want my head and face being damaged daily by strange chemicals that were not necessary! Many shampoos are full of TONS of chemicals to preserve them on supermarket shelves. They damage the scalp and skin, but without them the shampoos would get "bad" quickly. Consumers would complain! So it's a trade-off the shampoo sellers have had to take on.

In comparison, when you make up your own shampoo you make up a cup at a time (about half of a typical store-bought container). It is fresh, full of healthy ingredients, and has solely "good hair" stuff in it. No preservatives, no unnecessary chemicals. It really is better for your body and for the environment!

Plus shampoo is heavy to ship. When you ship shampoo across country, you are paying a ton of money for that raw shipment cost of the goods, plus the environmental impact of the heavy items being transported (gas fumes etc). It's much more ecologically sound to make shampoo in your own home.

I set about trying a variety of shampoo recipes!

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