Avon Advance Techniques Smoothing Conditioner

I have hair which, depending on my mood, ranges from just below my shoulders to down at my waist. I cut it every few years to donate the excess to Locks of Love, and then start growing it again. With my hair usually being "long" (and sometimes being "too long"), conditioner is really key for me. Remember, hair is "dead". It can't heal, or fix. Think of it as a long lace doily hanging down from your head. You need to take very good care of that lace, every day, if you want it to look good 2 or 3 years later. When my hair hits my mid-back, I imagine it's about 3 years old.

The Avon Advance Techniques conditioner container has an odd pop-top container which can be a little difficult to get open, especially as you're standing in the wet shower with hands that are probably slick from the shampoo you were using only a few seconds ago. Once you get it open, a very small stream of conditioner comes out. Maybe they expect most users to have crew-cut hair only needing a drop or two of conditioner, but pretty much every other conditioner I've used has a larger opening. Not really a big deal, but a bit odd.

The conditioner itself is nice and thick - it goes on and stays where you put it. This is important, because like most conditioners, this one wants you to leave it on for a minute. If it was thin, it'd slide right off the hair that hangs down my back. I like the way it massages in nicely and coats the hair.

Does it smooth? My hair is naturally wavy, and while the hair was perhaps a little less wavy with this, it wasn't nearly as smooth as other products I've tried have made it. There were random fly-away hairs. That's ironic since the back of the bottle explicitly mentions this as a problem it handles. I guess you still need a gel to go with this, if you want your hair smooth.

Still, as a conditioner, this is quite nice. My hair was free of tangles (which can be a challenge) and relatively soft feeling. There was no noticeable strong smell here, which to me is a plus. If I want to add a scent to myself, I want to choose that scent with a perfume or body spray. I don't want to be stuck with whatever my conditioner is pre-scented with.

The price is quite reasonable, too, and with Avon being on Amazon, you don't have to have a local Avon Lady in order to get your hands on some. Of course, if you DO have a local Avon rep, that can mean that you get it hand delivered to you. But on the down side, you can't find this in local stores if you need to pick some up in a hurry.

Well recommended.

Cost: $3.49 / 12oz Shampoo / Conditioner Reviews

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