Basics of Shampoo / Conditioner

It's amazing to think that only a few centuries ago, people thought bathing would wash away essential oils and make them sick. Of course, back in the days of Rome and Greece, citizens took long baths daily and knew how nice it was to stay clean. Keeping your hair clean is important - but it's equally important how you clean it and that you not over-clean it.

First, shampoo. Shampoo is in essence soap. Your hair is a strand of dead protein, which you need to keep clean. Soap works by allowing water droplets and soap bubbles to get between your hair and the dirt flakes. By "lifting up" those dirt particles, the soap helps make it easier for the water to then wash them away down the drain.

Conditioner performs a different purpose. Once the hair has been cleaned with shampoo, conditioner helps to make the hair look better. It provides moisture to "smooth" down the outer cuticle layer, which normally is made up of overlapping flaps. By helping the cuticle look more smooth, your hair in general feels softer and looks more shiny.

It's important to be gentle with your hair. If you stress that strand, you can cause it to be damaged or break. Hair can't "heal" - and as with any chain, it only takes one weak spot to cause it to break. Once hair gets past your shoulders, it's over a year old. You need to treat that hair gently every day if you want it to keep remaining whole.

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