What Is Excessive Drinking?

A key in determining if someone is "drinking excessively" is to ask yourself just what excessive MEANS. In some societies, people are not supposed to drink at all, ever. In other societies, people drink glasses of wine with breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you asked a person in each group what "excessive" meant, you would get different responses.

Many current medical tomes indicate that 1 glass a day for women and 2 glasses a day for men is a good "middle ground". Studies have shown that this intake protects you against diseases that you might get if you did not drink at all. Studies have also shown that drinking more than this will cause diseases that you would not otherwise get. At that 1-2 a day level you are "balancing in the middle" - getting just enough to stay healthy in one way, but avoiding overconsumption so you do not create other problems.

A problem of course is that you are saying "all women are the same" and "all men are the same". What if you're a very large woman, 6'5" and a healthy 220 pounds? Surely you should drink more than a woman who is 4' tall and 80 pounds. As a large woman, you simply might not get enough antioxidant benefit from only 1 glass of wine a day - and having 2 glasses wouldn't cause you any "damage" at all.

That is why you really need to look at your own personal shape and size to make this determination, and talk with your doctor.

NOTE: I am not a doctor - please always talk to a doctor if you are not feeling well or have medical questions!

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