EPA Safe Levels of Asbestos

You would think, with how deadly asbestos is, that it would be completely banned. And yes, for a while the EPA *did* prepare to have a ban in place on asbestos. But unfortunately, there are few other products that work as well as asbestos at blocking fire. With asbestos off the market, there was no replacement that could be used by firemen and by others who worked in extremely hot environments. So the EPA reluctantly allowed asbestos back on the market in 1991, after the manufacturers filed lawsuits.

The EPA still maintains that NO level of exposure is safe. They are able to take action if they see even 1% asbestos in a product - and studies are finding that far less than 1% can cause issues.

In drinking water, the EPA standard is 7 million fibers per Liter of water.

The top 5 states for asbestos contamination according to the EPA are:
* Pennsylvania
* Louisiana
* Texas
* Arkansas
* Virginia

EPA Site on Asbestos

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