Home Items Containing Asbestos

With the huge harm that mesothelioma can cause on a human body, it is really critical that you minimize how much asbestos is in your home - especially if you have children. The scary thing is that even into the 1970s, we really didn't know that asbestos was so dangerous. So many homes were still being built that were CHOCK full of asbestos-containing products.

Here are some things in your home to check for asbsetos. If you can't find the original label for an item, you would need to send a piece of it to a lab to test for asbestos materials in it.

* insulation
* pipe linings
* wall acoustic style tiles / ceiling acoustic tile or spray
* flooring sheets or underlayers
* roof shingles
* wall siding
* deck layer
* ovens
* clothes driers
* dishwashers

In essence, asbestos is great at resisting fire. So places that a builder would want to protect from fire damage, asbestos was often used. Even in modern times, while US makers will try not to use asbestos, many non-US manufacturers still use asbestos in their products. So if you try to save money by buying that set of shingles from China, be sure to check the label very carefully. Saving a few pennies and ending up with a family of cancer patients is not a good trade-off.

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NOTE: I am not a doctor - please always talk to a doctor if you are not feeling well or have medical questions!

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