Symptoms of Mesothelioma

One of the most troublesome aspects of mesothelioma is that it doesn't let you know right away that you have this problem. It's not like you inhale some asbestos, and the next day your face is covered with spots. If only it was that easy, you could take steps immediately to fix the problem.

Unfortunately with mesothelioma, if you get exposed and start to get sick, it can literally take **30 years** before the nasty parts start becoming known to you. So let's say when you are 18 and foolish, you decide to work in a nasty part of town to get some quick cash. You work with asbestos and it starts to develop Mesothelioma. Then after a few months you quit the job and become a health fanatic and take perfect care of yourself. But then you turn 50 - and just as you're about to start enjoying your Golden Years with your lovely wife and beautiful kids, you are diagnosed with mesothelioma. All because of something you did when you were a teenager.

Because mesothelioma is the name for a cancer anywhere in your general body cavity, the symptoms would be different based on what was being affected. If it was near your lungs, you might have trouble breathing. If it was near your stomach, you might have stomach cramps or trouble digesting food. If it was near your heart, you might have pain there. If it was in a more general area, you might have general 'sickness' symptoms like a fever or general body swelling.

That is what makes this cancer so difficult. You could easily have the cancer growing for years, and put off the symptoms as just general aging issues ... or heartburn ... or allergies. If you have a tumor on your leg, you can see the lump and know something is wrong. But if a cancer is growing within your body cavity, it's really hard to know it until it is very large.

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NOTE: I am not a doctor - please always talk to a doctor if you are not feeling well or have medical questions!

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