Valium and Diazepam Information

Valium is the trade name of the drug diazepam, which is a prescription drug that has been used for decades. In fact, it was mentioned in the classic 60s story Valley of the Dolls, about a trio of women who got through life by taking a variety of pills. It was first released in 1963.

Valium is classicly known as a sleeping pill. It helps people to sleep, to relax, to be less nervous. If someone is acting wild, a cliche response is to "take a valium".

The problem is that valium can become addictive - and that patients can need to get more and more to get the same results. People can also overdose on valium, causing a coma or even death.

The Rolling Stones even sang about valium in "Mother's Little Helper", showing just how widely used the drug was back in the 60s.

NOTE: I am not a doctor - please always talk to a doctor if you are not feeling well or have medical questions!

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