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Many people in our modern society know a person who is taking Xanax. Xanax, a prescription drug, is also known as Alprazolam (the generic name). The Xanax version is made by Pfizer. This drug is used to help people control anxiety, depression, nervousness and even panic attacks. There's an area of your brain that is in charge of emotions, and this is what Xanax acts on. Xanax is known to act quite quickly and with quite strong results. While this is great for the person who takes the Xanax, it also means that people can easily become addicted to the "quick fix" that the drug provides.

Interestingly, back in 1985 when Xanax was first released, doctors thought that it was NOT addictive and therefore prescribed it quite widely.

Because Xanax works on the emotion center of the brain and slows it down, many users feel side effects such as drowsiness and diziness. Users who try to break a Xanax addiction on their own may often find the same problems that people who try to quit other powerful drugs such as heroin run into - mood fluctuations, cravings, and a willingness to go to extremes to get more.

NOTE: I am not a doctor - please always talk to a doctor if you are not feeling well or have medical questions!

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