10 Pound Weight Loss Milestone Sign

Studies show that aiming for short term goals help you reach your long term dreams. In weight loss, that means focusing on just the next five pounds. These weight loss milestone signs help you do that!

This sign below is for someone who is aiming for a 10 pound weight loss. Usually it's better to aim for a specific body weight goal, and only five pounds at a time. Still, if you're seeking a 10 milestone for some reason, this sign will help you with that quest!

10 Pound Weight Loss Milestone Sign

Print out multiple copies of the sign and keep them with you. Tape them to your mirror, carry them in your wallet, put them next to your monitor. They need to be seen and present to work!

If you'd like another version of this milestone sign, using one of the other color or image combinations, just let me know! I'm happy to create custom weight signs that assist you in reaching your goal.

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