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The My Stats tab in the Biggest Loser SlimCoach interface is fairly straightforward. It shows the calories burned, heart activity minutes, steps taken, and miles travelled.

Biggest Loser SlimCoach

It shows these for both your overall, cumulative progress as well as your personal best in each area.

It's worth noting that there's no way at all to add information into the SlimCoach system manually. So if your unit dies on your 10 mile run, even if you are absolutely sure you ran the ten miles, you can't record it in the system. Your fitness data will just be eternally inaccurate.

Also, if you don't use a heart rate monitor your heart activity minutes are going to be guesstimates based on the pedometer. So if you do a no-feet activitly like kayaking, you could burn a ton of calories and not have them recorded at all. So it's worth it to wear a heart monitor for anything active.

Here's an update a few days later, so you can see how the My Stats window is now tracking the highest level reached in each area.

Biggest Loser SlimCoach

The MyStats tab is a fairly basic, useful summary of what the SlimCoach system knows about.

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