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The tab for Today's Activity in the Biggest Loser SlimCoach system shows you two different things. It shows you the green portion - what you have done already. It also shows you the red portion - what you still have to do.

First, the green portion. It tells you your heart activity minutes, steps taken, and milese travelled. It tells you your current calorie count and how many there is to go. So this keeps you on track for your day. n this image, my mouse is pointing at the green to see the green data.

Biggest Loser SlimCoach

The red portion is the opposite information. How many more steps you should take, how many more heart minutes you should do. I like the feature of how it integrates your favorite activities. On the other activities page you tell the system what activities you enjoy. The system uses that information here to tell you what you could do to achieve your goals. So in this image my mouse is pointing at the red, to see the red data.

Biggest Loser SlimCoach

So this page is quite useful in ensuring your day goes by smoothly. Of course you can also just click the button on the unit itself, to see how green and red it is. It looks just like these ring images.

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