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It's critical to understand that the Biggest Loser SlimCoach unit requires a web interface - and a paid-for web account - in order to work. The SlimCoach device just records data. It's the web interface that lets you view and report on that data. When you buy the unit you get with it the first year of web interface access. However, after that year you will have to pay a renewal fee to the website to keep being able to view and work with your data.

Biggest Loser SlimCoach So, that being said, how does the web interface work?

You hook your SlimCoach up to your computer via the supplied USB cord. It's a standard micro USB size that many cell phones use. Once there, the online interface sucks in your data and lets you view it in a variety of ways. However, unlike most systems, it doesn't walk you though in a basic tutorial. You're just thrown into the system and expected to read their help screens as needed.

We found the screens to occasionally be slow to load, so be prepared to be patient as you go through their system.

You set your goal weight and speed in here (from 1-4 pounds of loss a week) and the system calculates out how much you need to eat and burn every day. It does this in a "ramped up" manner - assuming you'll go slowly at first and get better as you go.

You track your daily food intake. Unfortunately, you can't just say "I ate 1400 calories" and be done with it. You have to search food item by food item and put each one individually. So that can take a bit of time. On the up side, we tested it with a variety of specific foods we tend to eat, and it had every one of them in its system.

To begin with, the system shows carbs, protein, fat, and calories for each item to match the amount of it you say you ate. You can also track other items such as trans fats, sodium, and so on. You can begin with preset diet plans to set your ranges for each item, but you can also tweak those to match your personal plan.

You can create a "favorite" list of foods so you can easily get to the items you tend to eat a lot. You can also set up meal plans and then just reuse those on a daily basis, perhaps swapping in and out particular items you changed up for that day.

By default you enter food into five categories:
morning snack
afternoon snack

You can add an evening snack into the list as well. When you enter food, you enter each item into one of these categories you have designated.

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