Avon Anew Clinical Dual Eye Lift Gel & Cream

I do agree that eye cream is important for around-the-eye skin health. That skin area involves very thin skin that gets a lot of abuse, especially if you wear contacts or make-up. You want to take care of that skin well, since people look at your eyes when they talk to you and easily see the wrinkles and lines there. Also, I agree that the skin of your eyelid and above the eye has different requirements than the skin beneath your eye. You want the cream to soak in beneath the eye, since that area is so fragile. You don't want things soaking through your eyelid :)

That all being said, I really don't like the design of the Anew Clinical container, with its two halves, one with gel, one with cream. It seems nice in theory, but because you're sticking your fingers into one, then the other, there is a lot of cross contamination that happens. No matter how clean your fingers are, once you put them into one and then dab them on your eye, you're then getting grime and such into the next container, and so on across your two eyes.

I much prefer the eye cream dispensers where you squeeze / pump out a small portion onto your finger, so that each time it is fresh. It is SO easy to infect and contaminate your eyes. You really want that area to be clean - and to not be putting 'tainted' cream that has had impurities festering in it onto that area.

Note: when you get down into the bottom of the container not only is it hard to use, but the remaining lotion starts to get rather unappealing looking even if you use it daily. Again, I really don't like the idea of digging lotion out of containers for this very reason, and the built in cross contamination problem of this specific model is just not good.

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