Edwardian / Titanic Hair

While the Victorian era which came before this one was about tightly controlled, all-wound-up hair, in the Edwardian era things got looser, more romantic, more touchable. Hair was still worn up, but it was now more soft around the face, with little curls dangling. Big, floppy hats were in vogue. Back in these days it was a mark of high society to have pale skin - to show you weren't a "commoner" out working for a living and being exposed to the sun. A floppy hat helped keep your skin shielded from that sun, to maintain your high class skin tone.

This image is from 1907, from the famous artist John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent portrait

This is from 1911, also by John Singer Sargent.

John Singer Sargent portrait

Here's a full length image of Lady Astor, also by John Singer Sargent. You can see the romantic atmosphere!

John Singer Sargent portrait

Edwardian / Titanic Era

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