Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Pitch

In 2014 I entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and made it through Round 1 and into Round 2. The key to making this "cut" - which reduces the competition down to only 20% of the original volume - is the pitch / blurb. Nothing else is looked at. Either the blurb gets you through, or it gets you cut.

It's critical for every word in the pitch statement to be exactly what you want to lure in the reader. Think about the emotion and feeling behind each word. Make it count.

So, here's my pitch for Finding Peace - A Medieval Romance

Elizabeth can taste deliverance in the tang of the salt air. She has finally gotten free. Free of her abusive father. Free of Corwin, the cruel man her father pledged her to marry. She fled her family’s medieval keep, risked the ruthless bandits which prowled her lands, and found a fresh start. In a few days she would arrive at a nunnery on England’s eastern shores. There she could begin again. She would finally put her sword skills to good use, acting as protector for the tranquil outpost.

When Richard’s moss-green eyes catch hers in the smoky depths of a wayside tavern, Elizabeth treats him as she would every other man in her life–-as an imminent threat. Her instinct is to avoid all contact. Then a bedraggled orphan tucks for safety under her wing, and her protective instincts flare even higher.

But Richard is patient, tenderly attentive, and all the things Elizabeth has craved but never thought possible. With the delicacy of a snowdrop unfurling after a bitter winter, her heart braves the most fleeting of hope.

He could be different.

Then Corwin strides in from her tainted past. His cutting remarks and quick, bruising fist shatter her tenuous peace. Corwin’s iron grip drags her back toward the hell-hole she barely escaped to begin with.

Elizabeth must delve within herself to unleash hidden reserves of strength she never knew existed. Somehow she must find a way to stand against her family and Corwin-–and to claim the life she knows, deep down, that she deserves.

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