Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Pitch 2

My friend Thomas Hollyday made it through Round 1 of the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award with his novel Magnolia Gods - A River Sunday Romance Mystery. Here is the pitch he submitted for that novel, which is the only thing evaluated during Round 1.

In the sleepy Chesapeake harbor town of River Sunday, Jim Tench indulges his passion of designing custom-built race cars. When his friend, Captain Bob, is found drowned next to his small fishing boat, Jim assumes along with the rest of the quiet community that this was a tragic accident.

Bob's grandson, Smote Rojos, fiercely insists that Bob was ruthlessly murdered. Tench finds the idea far-fetched, but reluctantly agrees to look into it.

A faint trail arises, one which seems to implicate Strake, a wealthy oilman and collector of antique automobiles. Tench knows the Strake family well. Even now, years later, hes caught by the chemistry of Julie Strake--the heiress who had captured his heart with her intellect and beauty. The one who had got away.

Only the wisp of a clue, "Black-Eyed Susan", guides him through the thickening fogs, a fragmented history stretching back through the Civil Rights movement, the Civil War, and into earlier, darker times.

When a visiting African author agitates for violent change, and a bomb explodes in River Sunday because of her United Nations testimony, the need for answers becomes life-or-death. Tench races against time to prevent the terror from escalating to catastrophic proportions.

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