Activities at your Virtual Launch Party

Your launch party is a party - it will have attendees. They want to have fun! It's your role as host of the party to arrange that fun.

Food and Drink
First up - food and drink. Yes, it's a virtual party, but it can still be fun! Think up the food you'd serve to go with the theme of your book or project.

In my case, I'm a low carb editor. So I'm served tasty low carb snacks like devilled eggs and mini sausages. I cooked them up early to take photos. Then, as the event progressed, I occasionally posted a photo of an item along with a link to its recipe. Everyone chimed in about whether they like it or if they'd like to try it. It gave people something to talk about.

Also, I did a virtual wine tasting where we all shared what we were drinking and what we thought of it.

These sorts of things give people something to talk about that they can chime in on without stress. It adds to the sense that they are "there".

Next up - Trivia Contests. People love guessing at things. You want to make it something people might actually know so they feel like they have a chance. So with my book being a murder mystery, I asked questions about famous murder mysteries. Who wrote Murder on the Orient Express. Where was the Spenser for Hire series set. Who shot J.R. :). The aim is not to stump them. The aim is to have them racing to see who can answer first. My book involves yoga and nature as well, so I asked questions about those things.

Make up a list beforehand in Notepad so you can just cut-and-paste your questions over into the event occasionally, to keep people talking.

Think up activities. Things people can "do".

My book involves yoga, so I had them do simple yoga activities. Rotate the crown of their head as if they're making a halo for themselves. Roll their shoulders five times. I had them chime in when they'd done it. It keeps them healthy too :).

Again, make the list beforehand in Notepad. Paste them in occasionally to the stream.

Next, games! Games get people thinking and challenge their competitive spirit. Games are good because they "run by themselves" once you start them. That way people can be playing a game while you are then catching up on questions or making other posts.

So for examples take the title of your book. In my case it's Aspen Allegations. Then ask everyone to think up as many words as they can, four letters or more, that use the letters in that title. So for example "pens". That then keeps them challenged trying to figure out other combinations.

Another game - the "name an animal beginning with ..." - so in this case I'd start with A. People could all chime in with animals. It's something anybody can play. Yet another - post the name of a lead character and then ask what movie or tv characters come to mind when they hear that name. Another game idea - think up movies, tv shows and novels set in Massachusetts. This can work with any location-based book or project.

What other games would work well in this situation, that would self-run once started?

Post images related to your book's theme so people can comment on them. In my case I can post images of Sutton - its natural beauty. So I can intersperse those in so people see what Sutton is all about. Again that's something where you have all the images ready to go beforehand in a folder, make a list of them, and then just cut-and-paste the URLs in one by one slowly during the course of the event. People love photos!

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