Launch Party - Activities

It's good to get people moving every once in a while so they aren't just staring at the screen the entire time smile So I incorporated some activities every half hour or so. Here was my list.

** Yoga time! Sit up straight. Think about the crown (top) of your head. Now trace a circle with your head clockwise, making a "halo" over your head with your crown. Do this five times. Then reverse. Did your neck creak?

** Yoga time! Sit up straight. Imagine a delicious orange is floating right in front of your nose. Point your nose at the top of the orange, and then slowly trace your nose around the orange clockwise. Do this five times. Then reverse. Does your neck feel better?

** Yoga time! Sit up straight. Lift your shoulders up, press them forward, pull them down, then press them back. Repeat five times. Then reverse. Better?

** Yoga time! Interlace your fingers. Turn your hands so the back of your hands faces your chest. Press your palms away from you as far as they'll go. Hold for five seconds. Enjoy!

** Yoga time! Stick your right arm straight out in front of you. Swing it left so it's across your chest. Use your left forearm to press your right arm against your chest. Hold for five seconds. Reverse. How do your shoulders feel now?

** Yoga time! Imagine you've just won a marathon. Throw both arms high in the air and smile as widely as you can. Cheer if you want to! Hold for five seconds. Studies show this pose actually boosts your feel-good hormones! Feeling better?

** Yoga time! Stand up and turn around in place. When you're at your computer you should try to stand at least every hour, to keep blood circulating properly. If you want to, give a little dance!

Here's an example of one.

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