Launch Party - Food

Here's the food list from my Aspen Allegations launch party. Occasionally throughout the party I'd post a photo of a food item and "pass it around". People enjoyed talking about the food items and asking about the recipes. So that was a fun way to get people involved.

Here's the list of things I passed around, with the descriptions I gave. With this being in a Notepad document I could cut-and-paste to do it quickly.

** Devilled Eggs
Here's one of my favorite appetizers ever - devilled eggs! I adore these things. In the 1800s, the adjective "devilled" meant "spicy". Enjoy!

** Celery and Hummis
I always enjoy celery and hummis - crispy, crunchy, green, and tasty too :)

** Chicken Satay
I'm a great fan of chicken satay. Delicious flavoring and a tasty peanut sauce too.

Shrimp is good for you! Great protein with a delicious cocktail sauce.

**Tuna Tartare
If you enjoy sushi, definitely give a try to this tuna tartare appetizer. It has fresh mango and cucumber in it!

I adore sashimi. Sashimi is in essence sushi without the rice. You get the flavorful raw fish, full of delicious omega 3 oils, and good protein as well.

**Stuffed Mushrooms
Mushrooms are very good for you, and this recipe doesn't need any bread.

** Egg Salad Celery Snacks

So I would cut and paste one of those articles and images and descriptions occasionally throughout the party.

Here's what a sample posting looked like during the launch party.

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