Virtual Reading at your Virtual Launch Party

A virtual reading is oodles of fun. This lets your fans really connect with you. They see your face, they hear your voice, and they learn more about the story. It engages your audience.

Here's the virtual reading I did for my Aspen Allegations novel.

Aspen Allegations

The camera I used was a small handheld, a Canon S100. I put it on a tripod and sat in front of it. I made some mistakes in reading it, but that's OK. It shows you're a human :). I then edited it in Adobe Elements to have a title, but you don't have to do that if you don't know how. You can just post whatever you videotape.

If you're shy, you can record the voice and just have the image be the cover of your book. If you're really, really shy, enlist a friend to read it for you. But I highly recommend you do it yourself. People love to hear your accent and your words.

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