Launch Party - Sweepstakes

One of the keys of the launch party was the series of sweepstakes I did. I had 31 items to give away, and even at giving one away every ten minutes it still took nearly five hours to get through them all smile. So what I did was post a prize and give a five minute window. People had to enter within those five minutes. Then I ended the contest and drew a winner. By then it was pretty much time to start the next contest.

I had each sweepstakes link to my own personal website so it was completely separate from Facebook. I like having control over the look and feel of the entry pages.

I had a visual timer on my desk -

that way I could glance over and see how close I was to the end of a contest and do a "last call".

People enjoyed the contests immensely, and it kept them hanging around. There was always something new being offered.

Here's the prize list -

2 hanging origami cranes
6 origami flowers
A Sense of Duty paperback
Aspen Allegations ebook
Aspen Allegations ebook
Aspen Allegations paperback
Aspen Allegations paperback
Aspen Leaf Totebag
blue window mobile
champagne cocktails recipes book
Clover embedded soap
Dark green round soap
Dark green round soap
Finding Peace paperback
green 6-crane origami mobile
Green clover soap
Lake Singletary mug
Lake Singletary Water Bottle
no-cook cookbook
Oval Irish soap
Pair of Hyacinth Heather soaps
Pair of Lavender soaps
Pair of Lavender soaps
pink 8-crane origami mobile
Ramshorn Pond mug
Round Irish cross soap
sangria recipes book
Sutton Mass Bleeding Heart Mug
Sutton Massachusetts mug
weddings courtships France
weddings courtships Italy

Here's a sample of how one ran -

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