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EPUB files, MOBI files, PDF files, and DOC files. It can seem an alphabet soup of letters, and a mis-step can lead to a flurry of hostile one-star rankings. How do you create a perfect ebook file, so your novel or book sales go through the roof? I'm here to help!

Ebook Creation Service I have over ten years of experience working with authors, turning their raw Word documents into beautifully polished novels and books. From creating the built-in table of contents to formatting the layout to work well with Kindle, iPad, and Nook, I have been there and know the techniques. I can ensure the links work properly, the page numbers lay out where they should, and the reader has a smooth experience, no matter what platform they choose. I have created hundreds of ebooks for my writers over the years.

In our modern world of e-book readers, it's absolutely critical that every novel and book be offered in an e-book format. This is true both for brand new releases as well as fresh versions of past launches.

I have personally written and published eleven fiction novels and over twenty non-fiction books. I have earned both a Silver medal and a Gold medal from the IPPY independent publishing awards for my ebooks. I have helped numerous authors reach five-star ratings for their ebooks.

I have experience in a wide range of areas. As owner of BellaOnline.com, I have trained thousands of editors from the ground up in how to plan, organize, write, edit, and publish their ebooks. I've done this for editors in the topics of sewing and softball, Italian food and Alaskan travel, cats and exotic pets, classical music and romance novels. We have over four hundred topics, and I've helped them all.

Whether you want me to help guide you through the process on your PC, or have me handle it for you, I'm here to ensure your ebook is perfect.

I can absolutely help you.

Other ebook conversion groups charge $500 or more for the process of converting your book to an ebook - and they often leave swaths of formatting issues that cause readers to pull their hair out. I will ensure your finished product is one you can be proud of, and which will lead to happy customers.

Base Rates:
Personalized training to teach you how to do this on your own system via Skype: $50/hr
... usually takes 3-4 hours to learn the basics, and then you'll need to set aside time after to do the actual editing
... your system must be capable of running the free Calibre and SIGIL software packages

Complete start-to-finish services:
Short story (1,000 - 19,999 words) - $50
Novella (20,000 words - 49,999 words) - $100
Novel (50,000 words - 150,000 words) - $150

For the above three rates, you provide me with:
* the starting Word DOC or equivalent file with the content of your book, formatted with chapters and paragraphs.
* a cover image

I will first make a new version of that Word DOC file which has the proper tags and layout for an ebook. I will then create the matching PDF, HTM, EPUB, and MOBI files to go with that document. These files will have the proper internal tags for author, title, and publisher, as well as the provided cover. They will have all structures validated to work properly on the Kindle, iPad, and Nook systems, as well as most other common systems. They will include an internal table of contents system. You receive all five final file sets.

If your story is not yet in finished form, be sure to check out my Editing and Formatting Services!

Contact me, and together we will bring your current book to its true potential!

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