Facebook Launch Party Planning Service

Having a Facebook Launch Party to celebrate the launch of your ebook, novel, website, new business, or other project is absolutely critical in our modern era. It can also be fraught with challenges. Did you know that some methods of choosing prize winners from Facebook attendees violate Facebook's TOS and could get your site shut down? That's why I'm here to help!

Facebook Launch Party Planning Service Running a successful Facebook Launch Party takes proper planning to work properly. A launch party could be a waste of time and energy - with nobody attending and few results. The launch party can also be a wild success, with thrilled fans who support and promote your cause for months to come. It's all about the planning, marketing, and execution of that launch party event.

There are a variety of components to a successful launch party - from prizes to games, from interviews to virtual appetizers. There are also important rules and regulations to follow. Facebook's Terms of Service, or TOS, is strict about what a page can and cannot do. Violating those rules can lead to a page being shut down permanently - and all access to those fans being lost forever.

Let my expertise guide you through this process. I will set up the launch party and promote it. I will set up the legally correct way for the prizes to be chosen. I will even supply prize items as part of the service.

I will guide the party from start to finish, enthusing the guests, keeping the energy rolling, and ensuring that everything goes just as it should.

Whatever your book or project is about, I will have insight into how best to bring it to life. I have experience in a wide range of areas. As owner of BellaOnline.com, I have trained thousands of editors from the ground up in how to work with Facebook, how to plan out events, and how to execute them with great success. I've done this for editors in the topics of crochet and football, in cruises and birding, in painting and photography, in mystery novels and classic rock. We have over four hundred topics, and I've helped them all.

I can absolutely help you.

Other Launch Party Planners charge $2,000 and up for a Facebook launch party, and they barely post about the event or participate once it starts. They simply make sure the author is there on time and expect the author to do the rest. I will be your hands-on event planner. I will take care of every aspect you wish me to, I will be there every minute of the party, and I will help ensure its success. If you want me to train you how to run your own event, I'm happy to do that. If you're too busy to tackle that yourself, then I will help with whatever piece you wish.

Base rates:
Facebook Launch Party training via Skype: $50/hr

Facebook event creation and setup - $50
Customized banner graphic for Facebook event - $100

Each week of daily promotional posts in the Event stream leading up to the event - $25
... it's good to have a 3-4 week lead time before your event, to build excitement and gather attendees
... a two-week lead time is considered a minimum to give people enough time to plan to attend

Two hour event including $25 in prizes: $100
Three hour event including $35 in prizes: $140
Four hour event including $50 in prizes: $175

Contact me, and together we will celebrate the launch of your book, e-book, or other project with stunning success!

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