Document and Manuscript Transcribing Service

You're poured hours of your life into writing the perfect story, poetry book, or other work in handwritten form. Now you're ready to share your talents with the world. I'm here to help. I'll transcribe your handwritten or typed material, and turn it into a formatted Word DOC file.

Document and Manuscript Transcribing Service I understand the wonderful feel of hand writing when the creative muse is speaking to you. Sometimes it's just best to let the pen or pencil flow over the page, free and unfettered. There are also cases where what you want to work with was done by another person, perhaps in a time before computers. You have the hand-written material, or the typed material, but it's not in Word DOC form. The content needs to be transcribed before it can take that next step.

In our modern world of ebooks and Kindles, a story or book in non-electronic form is hidden from the world. I can help you take that next step to get it ready for the web, for Amazon, and for publishing in general.

Whatever the topic area of your book, I'll have insight into the words and phrases you've used, to know how to properly transcribe them. As owner of, I've worked with editors around the world, interacting with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. I've assisted editors from China and Japan, from Chile and Argentina, from Israel and Egypt, from France and Germany and Poland. We have over four hundred topics, and I've helped them all.

I can absolutely help you.

Other transcribing groups charge $15/page and create results full of odd typos. I know how important your work is to you. My aim is to help all those stories which are currently "trapped" in written form to reach the modern online audience.

Base Rates:
Standard page (single-space typing or legible handwriting): $6 per page
Standard audio (clear speech): $100 per hour of audio
Challenging projects (cryptic handwriting, muffled speech): $50 per hour of my effort

Contact me, and together we will bring your current book or writing to its true potential!

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