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You know you have the creativity within you to create a beautiful novel, a moving poem, and a persuasive article. There's just a hiccup between your desires and the written page before you. I can help. I've been assisting writers in turning their dreams to reality for over ten years.

Writing Tutoring - Improve your Writing There are all sorts of reasons people have challenges with writing. Sometimes it's the technical details. The writer has to learn how comma placement impacts the message they are conveying. The classic line of:

The panda eats shoots and leaves

Can either be a happy panda eating little green tree shoots and their leaves - or it could be an angry panda who grabs a burger, shoots a gun at a passerby, and stalks out of the room. It's important for a writer to know how to convey a message accurately.

In other cases the writer has a good grasp on the technical end but has challenges with brainstorming. They run into writer's block where no ideas come. They struggle with time management skills.

Sometimes it's that the writer has a conceptual hurdle with the piece being written. The plot feels artificial. The characters don't quite make sense. The dialogue is stilted.

Whatever your challenge is, I'm hear to help. I will tutor you personally to help you shine. I will retain your personal, authentic voice, while helping your writing reach new heights.

I've published over forty books. I've helped over three hundred authors in a variety of fields. I've won both a gold medal and a silver medal from the IPPY publishing awards for my works. Whether you need assistance for school essays, personal projects, or work advancement, I can give you that edge you seek.

Basic Rates:

Document editing rates:
$25/hr - I read quickly and can get through an average full length novel in 3-4 hours. I then provide in depth feedback as well as working with you via email to help you polish your efforts.

Custom Feedback via Skype: $50/hr
... this is a "workshop" environment where we interactively brainstorm about plot, character development, pacing, and other issues.
... if this is to be done separate from a book editing, there is a $20/hr reading fee for me to become familiar with the work in order to comment on it. I read quickly - it'll be up to you how much you want me to read to help you with.

Contact me, and together we will bring your writing to its true potential!

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