Dancing Haiku

Waiting for the dance,
thinking of another, so
far ... so far away ...

Slow song sweetly sung -
she sways gently, wishing for
his tender embrace.

Even in that black night,
small stars, the sparkle of souls,
reaching out to her.

God - just sitting here -
I could be running, free, through
a green grassy field ...

she turns, slowly pirouetting,
to reach out her hand.

And, as in a dance,
he clasps her hand, strong and firm,
moving to join her.

Their feet - so amazing
move these figures, close, as one.
Gazes never part.

If only you could feel the
rhythm, rolling feel -

Waiting in this swamp,
living in another place -
Sunlight, me and you.

Gone - a wisp of smoke ...
My energy, all drawn away -
simple, girlish sketch.

April 1993

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