Garden Haiku

For three years I published a bi-monthly newsletter on gardening, and included a haiku each issue. The haiku, as you might imagine, tended to be on a gardening theme :)

Soft, velvet faces
turn to gaze at the sun, smile -
crocuses in bloom.

March 1995

At first, a bare stalk,
the remnant of old jade plant -
Now, blooming with life.

March 1996

A morning wake-up -
The towhee calls out softly,
his mate answers back.

June 1996

Downy fluffs of white,
snow in gentle quiet lays
December flowers.

November 1996

Fluff-headed titmice
Merry, bouncing twig to twig
Watching for the spring.

January 1997

Snow barely melted
Bright yellow flash outside, oh!
Goldfinch has returned.

March 1997

I sit, forlornly -
no hummers at all this year. *ZIP* One streaks past my eyes!

May 1997

The summer flits by
with travels to Newport News -
rockets in the night.

July 1997

Virginia beach drive
from Mass, wonders of nature
in bloom on both sides.

September 1997

Watching the feeders,
small birds huddle off the chill,
waiting for the spring.

November 1997

Where is that robin?
The air is warm, juncos gone -
maybe tomorrow?

January 1998

Rainstorms fall fiercely,
robins hop along the ground
waiting for dinner.

May 1998

Rows and rows stretch out,
young grapes clinging to the vine
Someday, luscious wine.

July 1998

Spikes of dark green spruce,
bushy softness. Golden leaves -
Alaska Autumn.

September 1998

Faded orange globe,
pumpkin sits forgotten now
halloween is past.

March 1999

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