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Stress is a constant problem for many people in our modern world. We only have 24 hours in a day. We have tasks that would seem to take up 800 hours in a given day. How do we squish them all in? When we don't do a given task, someone gets angry with us. When we try to race through a task, people get angry that we did it without enough care and attention! When we try to focus on just one task to get it done well, now everyone else is upset that they're a lower priority. The stress mounts up.

This is where a stress relief journal comes in. Several studies show that the act of journaling helps to release stress and put your world into perspective. As amazing as it might sound, the simple activity of writing down your problems, putting them on paper, and giving them thought, can actually help you look at the problems in a new way and find some solutions.

So the key is - even though you're stressed for time!! - find even five minutes each day to sit down and go over your situation. Think about what has to be done. Think about the things you've achieved in the past 24 hours. Write down the issues and the steps you've taken so far. Let yourself brainstorm. You don't have to be "right" or "wrong" here. Just think about all the options. Write down how you feel about things, and why. Write about your options even if they seem outlandish. You never know which idea will actually start to make sense and become a workable idea.

Many great inventions have come from people thinking wildly out of the box and then giving it a shot. So journal about your ideas, journal about your past attempts, and learn and grow. You will be amazed at how much journaling can help you make forward progress and reduce your stress!

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