Using the Kindle Interface

If you look at the Kindle, it looks like the page of a book -

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

You hold it with both hands while you lounge back in your hammock and your cabana-boy brings you drinks with umbrellas in them :) The lower left stripe is a "next" button - as is the full length right stripe. So you can easily go to the next page by gently presing either one. My boyfriend thinks one of the sides should have been a "hard side" that you could hold without it doing anything. But really, this unit is very light and I never had any problems at all with "non wanted button pushing". I could hold it easily without having to grip it so tightly that I was making buttons go in.

The upper left stripe is a "previous page" button - if you realize you need to go back and re-read something.

At the very bottom right is a "back" button which goes back to whatever you were doing previously.

If you close down a given book and go back to it it remembers what page you were on. You can also of course return to the first page or table of contents if you want.

If you scroll to a given line with the thumb wheel and press in on it, a menu pops up and you can instantly get definitions for all words on that line. Neato!

You can also bookmark a page, or add in your own notes with the little keyboard.

There's a "house" (i.e. home) button on the keyboard area to jump back to the main menu.

The very bottom right keyboard button is an aA button which lets you change font sizes.

Right next to the aA button is a "search" button which lets you easily find words in whatever you are reading.

Kindle Ebook Reader

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