What the Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader Ships With

It is really exciting when you first get the Kindle arriving at your house :) It's like getting 200+ books in a single shipment! You feel as if the world is now at your doorstep.

The main Kindle case looks like a book, shrink wrapped.

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

Here is the inside of the main case, opened up. It has two halves. The left side holds the cables and documentation. The right side holds the Kindle itself plus its nice "cover".

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

Here's all of the contents pulled out of the two halves.

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

Here are the cables - a power cable and a USB cable to connect it to your computer (which really you should never need to do, since this system works wirelessly off of CELL PHONE signals - you don't even need to find a wifi station!

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

Just a glimpse at the manual which is nicely written up.

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

Kindle Ebook Reader

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