Starting Up the Kindle

OK time to start up the Kindle! You don't have to pre-charge it. You can plug it in and start using it immediately while it charges :) Always a nice thing!!

OK first, there's a sticky film on the Kindle telling you what to do :) So you plug it in and then remove that film.

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

It's starting up now. Look at the lower right. It's a REALLY cool progress bar along the right hand side that literally gets shiny reflective!! I am just in awe of this, that it can go from flat matte to shiny mirror-like immediately. It's a two square wide track, so you sometimes get "spinning squares" and such for progress.

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

Wait! The main screen is alive!

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

Here we go - the welcome message! In fact it knows it is me, Lisa and it says "Welcome Lisa" in the welcome letter! Because I bought it from Amazon with my Amazon account it knew who I was! You can change that if you want, of course - if you buy this as a gift for someone else. But I love that it comes customized.

The text is VERY easy to read - sharp crisp letters on a matte background, just as if you're reading paper. I realize there's a flash glare in this photo but in real life there is no glare at all.

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

Kindle Ebook Reader

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