Using the Kindle Store

Using the Kindle store is just like buying from Amazon. You get a list of magazines, books, podcasts etc and can browse or search to see what you want. They also recommend items that they think you'll like, based on your past buying history. They show you small cover images and have links to all the reviews people have posted of the items.

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

You can download for free the first chapter of anything to see if you like it, before buying the whole thing. It downloads instantly, wirelessly via the cell phone network. No delivery charges, no monthly charges, no nothing. If you like it, you do the one-click buy just like on Amazon and it charges your Amazon account.

If you really do fill up your Kindle's internal memory and don't want to buy more memory for it, you can delete items and just download them again later if you want. Amazon remembers what you own and gives you eternal access to those items. You can also back them up to your PC if you're paranoid.

Here is what the Kindle looks like when it's taking a nap :)

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

Kindle Ebook Reader

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