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OK now it's time to use the Kindle! Amazingly they give you a 14 day free trial to pretty much EVERY SINGLE magazine in their system. So you can read a full issue of every magazine they have to see what it's like. Here is the detail screen for the Asimov sci-fi magazine. It shows you details, reviews, and so on. To select it, you scroll the thumb-wheel which is in the lower right just beneath the tall thin progress bar column. You scroll it up to the "trial" area and then press in on it to select it. Voila!

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

Now when you look at your main menu, you now have access to that issue - INSTANTLY. No wi-fi charges, no monthly connection fee, nothing, Just VOILA it appears instantly on your Kindle. Cool eh? It's automtacally hooked into your Amazon account - the one you bought the Kindle with. Again, if you bought this as a present for someone, you can easily change that setting. But for someone buying it for themself, it is super easy.

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

So you just thumb-wheel your selection bar up to that magazine and click on it to read it.

Note when you're reading the magazine it's not a "layout". It's straight text just like the page of a book, one story after another. So on one hand you might "miss" the cool layouts - but on the other hand it means it's really easy on your eyes to read. And you can skip from story to story, bookmark stories you like, even take notes with the keyboard.

Oh it has a built in dictionary so you can easily look up any word you want - and a free connection to Wikipedia too for more details!!

It does show images too - here's a cartoon from the Asimov issue!

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

Kindle Ebook Reader

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