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Horses walk between 3-5 miles an hour. Horses could travel 40 miles in a day without much trouble. If there was a problem, the horse could go 60 miles before it needed a break.

Horses can trot at about 8 miles an hour, as fast as a person runs. They canter at 15 miles an hour. They gallop at about 30 miles an hour. The gallop was never meant for long distances, this is a burst of speed to get to safety. A horse can only gallop for 2-3 miles before they need to slow down.

Note that in modern times, the best of the best horses are raced in "endurance rides" where they are sent on 100 miles which they cover in 10-12 hours. Note that these aren't average horses though, they are the elite.

The Pony Express system - which involved relaying fresh horses at each stage, as well as fresh riders, could manage to pass a note over 200 miles in a single day.

Horses were of course the main means of travel so people were ALWAYS experimenting with bit styles, bridle styles, saddle styles and more to get the most useful experience out of what they were doing.

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