Maria of Pozzuoli - Life in Medieval Days

Maria of Pozzuoli lived in the early to mid 1300s, in Italy. We know her story because of a letter in Latin that Petrarch wrote to Cardinal Giovanni Colonna in November 1343. This letter has been translated and published in modern times.

Apparently Maria was a bodybuilder style of warrior. Her muscular build was envied by the soldiers around her. Petrarch personally saw her display her strength - throwing heavy objects further than other soldiers could - and was quite impressed.

She was strong willed. She would aggressively charge into battle and bear up well under hunger and thirst. She actively engaged in many battles in her home area.

You can read the full text of the letter yourself!

‘The Voice of the Middle Ages: in personal letters 1100-1500'
edited by Catherine Moriarty
ISBN 0-87226-343-6.

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