TV Shows with Medieval Swordswomen

You would think that TV would be the first place to introduce new ideas, since they can do something in one episode and then go along with the main storyline for the rest of the season. However, TV seems to lag along with the rest of culture when it comes to these sorts of issues.

There was a Robin Hood BBC series back in the 1980s which I adored with Michael Praed. I have the whole set on DVD. Maid Marian was great in this series. She was sassy but there are many scenes where she is explicitly dismissed by the others as not having anything important to say. They treat her as less than a child. Still, it was a start!

Then along came a new Robin Hood series, also via the BBC. In this one Marian actually runs around at night with a costume on, helping the poor. Now here is my kind of woman! She tries desperately to balance her protection of her father and his reputation with her desire to help out others. I like those issues that she deals with. By the end of season 1, she decides she can no longer stand by as passively and she runs off with Robin, becoming a full blown outlaw. Robin Hood 2006 BBC from

If you want general "actively brilliant women" then the Alias series comes to mind. I know the series had its high and low points, but there were some episodes which were *fantastic*. At least watch it through the third season.

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